Students' comments from CyberJournals & Self Assessments

One person, the only person, that I’ve met online is my Web Pal, Stacey. She goes to a college in Texas and I believe she said she hopes to be a teacher. In one of her classes, she is required to keep a relationship with a student through email. The best thing about knowing Stacey and having her as a Web Pal is the fact that I can email her my pieces of work and ask her read them over for me. Then, she can give me pointers and helpful tips to improve the essay or whatever the project happens to be. Also, she can look for spelling errors and other conventions that I don’t see. It sounds odd, but she's sort of like a cheat sheet or a second teacher to me. Another reason it’s great having Stacey as a Web Pal is because we have a few things in common, which makes her fun to write to. Having a Web Pal wasn’t required in this class, but I’m really glad I decided to do it.  ~Emily B. 2005

With Neisha helping me with my writing, I feel like I can write more confidently. When we were doing our poetry journals, I had a little trouble with some of my writing. I would always say ‘it’s like the poem is saying’, and Neisha taught me to say ‘the poem is saying’ which makes my writing sound more confident, and sound better. Not only does my writing look [better], but I am more confident with my writing as well. My web pal would complement me on what I wrote, and that made me feel like I was good at what I was doing. I am not disappointed with my web pal. Whenever I would e-mail her and ask her for help, she always e-mailed me back with pointers on how to make my writing sound better. I enjoyed working with her, and she was a lot of help to me. The best part about having her help me was when she would look over my work and tell me what I could change to make my writing sound better. She was like a little advantage that I had that always helped me when I asked her to. ~Sami F. 2005

So far, I have had a really great time during Web Pals. I think that Web Pals are really fun and I like hearing other people's feedback on my writing that have taken college level classes. It is interesting how my web pal and I are so much alike. I am learning many things from my web pal and really would like to keep doing this program. Web Pals is not only fun, but it is a great learning experience! Jackie R. 2006

The experience I've had so far with my web pal has been good for the most part. At first it was hard to email her because I was always so busy with projects or assignments, but we've been able to get a few good emails back and forth. It was getting really coincidental for awhile because our names are both Kelly, and we ended up having a lot of things in common. For example, we both play the flute and are interested in art. I've tried emailing her recently, but when I try to send the email I get back a message that her account is over quota and the email won't deliver. Kelly V. 2004

My web pal experience has been nothing but trouble.  It was pretty good in the beginning when I received the first email.  She told about herself and had some questions about me.  I sent her a long email back and told and told about myself and answered the questions that she had asked about me.  After I sent this email she  never replied back to me.  Everyone else in the class had been getting emails from there web partner except for me.  I check my email daily and never get any mail from her helping me out on my web page.  This is really disappointing because I was really looking forward to this experience.  I hope that in the future she could start emailing me again so I would be able to get some help from her. Trenton S. 2004

My Cyber partner experience was not a very enjoyable one. Mainly because she only wrote me once and then never responded again. I even wrote her an e-mail hoping that she would write but I gave up and forgot about it. I think that if my web pal would have shown some ambition and wrote some e-mails and started some kind of friendship things would have been a little smoother. Whatever though, I wasn't the only one who's web pal quit writing. A lot of the pals decided that they didn't want to do this project anymore so I don't feel so bad. My web also really didn't give me any advice or help with my web so that could be an aspect that she could have helped with. I think that it is really kind of sad that this happened with so many students and this isn't the only year that it has happened. Hopefully next year's class will have a better outcome than this year's. Rachel O. 2004