My Poetry Journal

I read the following ten poems: (you should use a numbered list for this)

  1. Title, poet
  2. Title, poet
  3. Title, poet
  4. Title, poet
  5. Title, poet
  6. Title, poet
  7. Title, poet
  8. Title, poet
  9. Title, poet
  10. Title, poet

Next are my three favorite of those ten and my ideas about them.

Poem #1 (This is a heading only! Do NOT put the poem here).
Title, poet (make the title a hyperlink to the poem if it is online)
Response goes in this cell: Write it in a paragraph. The bulleted list below is just to make the directions clear for you.
  • Write why you like the poem or what it means to you. What is this poem about? How do you know? Be specific with this. Give reasons and examples to support what you say.
  • Also, point out something specific in the poem that connects to one of the five elements of poetry found in the table at the top of this page. For example, if you found a metaphor in the poem, write it down and explain it. Or if there is a great image in the poem, show what it is.
  • Each journal response (entry) must be no shorter than 150 words

(Repeat a table like the one above for the next two poems).

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