Poetry Essay Option #3 (Ms. Haag's students, check with her before you choose this option).

Many people think songs are poems. Do all songs qualify as poems or just some? In this essay option, you will persuade your reader that a song (you choose) is a poem because it meets two of the basic qualities of poetry: metaphor (or other figurative language) and imagery. You will also be explaining the idea of the song/poem or what it is about. See the prewriting activity and the required structure for this essay.

Prewriting Activity (Copy this table into a Word document or create your own).

Metaphor (or other figurative language)
Lines from the song Example (metaphor, simile, personification, etc.) Explain how; prove it









Imagery (choose from all six kinds)
Lines from the song Example (which kind of imagery) Explain how; prove it









Idea (what is this song/poem about)
This song is about: Prove it (explain)









Structuring your essay (there will be five or more paragraphs in all):
  1. Your introduction gives the song title, the album title (if known: look it up), and the band's name. You also say a bit about why you like it and suggest that the lyrics of this song can be thought of as a poem because it meets the basic qualities of poetry.
  2. Your next paragraph shows how the song contains figurative language. You must show it and explain how you are correct in your claim. Figurative language will have a literal element and a figurative element.
  3. Next, show that imagery is a strong element in the song. You should have several examples.
  4. Finally, what is this song/poem about? Be sure to explain it (show it, prove it, support with reasons).
  5. Your conclusion might be about why else you like this song/poem, how it relates to your experience, or how it presents an important idea for everyone to consider.
  6. Also, you must link to the song lyrics online. This can be one of your five hyperlinks.