Poetry Journal/Grading Rubric


Student: __________________________________________



Goes beyond expectations; attention to detail shows care and pride



Meets expectations, could be a little more precise or polished



Deviates from expectations, needs attention to accuracy, detail, quality



Deviates from expectations to a great degree



Is not done or so done so poorly as to be unscorable

The journal is formatted according to directions. A link to the poetry journal is under the heading “projects/assignments” on the webfolio page. A link back to the webfolio page is found on the journal page. The color choices do not impair readability. Web safe fonts are used. (x 1)






The poetry journal lists the titles of ten poems you read along with the poet’s name. Hyperlinked titles are not urls. All poems used fit the qualifications given in the directions for the project..  (x 1)






You have written a journal entry for three of the ten poems. For each poem say why you like the poem and/or what it means to you. You must also make some connection to one of the five elements of poetry. Additional comments and ideas can be answers to questions found on the Questions about Literature page. You must support what you say with reasons and examples. Ideas should be fully developed. All entries have been edited for conventions and sentence fluency.  Minimum length for each entry is 150 words. (x 3)















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