Poetry Essay/Grading Rubric


Student: __________________________________________ Date: ________________________





Goes beyond expectations; attention to detail shows care and pride



Meets expectations, could be a little more precise or polished



Deviates from expectations, needs attention to accuracy, detail, quality



Deviates from expectations to a great degree



Is not done or is done so poorly as to be unscorable

The essay is formatted according to directions. A link to the essay is under the heading “essays” on the webfolio page. A link back to the webfolio page is found on the essay page. The prewriting activity is completed and handed in.






The essay includes five relevant hyperlinks. All the links work. All links are imbedded into text and are not urls “plopped” into the text.







Essay paragraphs conform to expectations found in the prewriting activity* and are fully developed and well organized. *see original directions  X 2







The essay has clearly been edited for conventions, sentence fluency, and word choice.
















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