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Academy of American Poets

Poetry 180--A Poem a Day for American High Schools

Find a poet at poetryfoundation.org

Barteby: Modern American Poetry

List from Mr. Nellen: Poets on poetry

Poets that students may like:

Sandra Cisneros
Anne Sexton
Gary Soto
Langston Hughes
William Stafford
Seamus Heaney
Theodore Roethke
Robert Frost
Naomi Shihab Nye
Billy Collins
Rita Dove
Gwendolyn Brooks
Lucille Clifton


"Art is the placing of your attention
on the periphery of knowing,"
Robert Irwin, Arts Magazine Feb 1976.

"Like a piece of ice on a hot stove
the poem must ride on its own melting"
Robert Frost

"The primary pigment of poetry is the IMAGE"  BLAST


Some poems from the teacher

Steer clear of .com sites for finding poetry. Everyone can publish a poem on the Internet. That doesn't make it great poetry. Also, try to expand your views. Read poems that challenge your ideas about what you like and don't like in poetry.


CE9 Poetry Unit


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