Personal Response Essay

  1. Choose a poem that you feel a strong connection to. This poem must be at least twelve lines long. You need to print out a paper copy of the poem and attach it to your prewriting activity.
  2. Get the prewriting activity handout for this essay.
  3. Complete the prewriting steps. The completed prewriting activity will be handed in separately, but it is part of the overall grade.
  4. Create a new page in your web for the essay. Make a link from that page back to your webfolio (at bottom of the page).
  5. Make a link to the essay page in your webfolio under "essays." Call it "Poetry Essay."
  6. Follow the format given on the handout for writing your essay. Compose your essay in Word first. Then copy and paste it into your web. Before putting it in FrontPage, spell check, proofread, and revise to make sure your work is ready to publish. Check your essay for the six traits of good writing.
  7. You must add five textual hyperlinks (imbedded in the text) to your essay to make it a hypertext essay. The links can be to any relevant sites that you believe will help your reader understand your essay better.
  8. You may add a color, not graphic, background, but it must not impair the readability of the page. Essays may not be published on a black or similarly dark background. Follow the format for setting up essays on your web page.

Close this window when you are done.