First web page grade Student _______________________________________



All your links work






Your Index page:

    title: "1st name" web page (Julie's web page)

    colored or graphic background

    photo or other graphic

    link to students' pages page

    link to the main CyberEnglish9 page

    an email link to you

    link to your webfolio

    link to your CyberJournal






Your webfolio page:

     title: My Webfolio

     set up as directed; bookmarks as shown

     placeholder for hypertext paragraph in a bulleted list

     a link to your index page






Your cyberjournal:


     title: My CyberJournal

    easy to read color scheme; no graphic background allowed in table

     a multi-celled table for your entries; 75-80% wide.

     a bookmark to your end of year reflection

     a bookmark to the top of the page

     a link to your index page






Readability: color schemes, text, backgrounds, etc, do not impair easy reading.






Ready to publish: meets standards of appropriate content.







______ /50 points


Remember, no more than 15 images. All images must be in your images folder.