From:                 Angelo Bonadonna <>

To:                      "Dawn Hogue" <>

Date:                  3/3/03 11:58AM

Subject:              Re: [Webpals] cyberjournals


I wish I could convey what a wonderful thing you've done in this letter...thanks, Dawn‑‑thanks much!  I wanted to respond immediately, but I got sidetracked on a project in a big way this weekend‑‑and I didn't want to dash off a quick thank you (I should have) without first at least glancing at the kids' cyberjournals.  I have done that now, and I so applaud all the messages you've sent my students.  You deserve a stipend for teaching my students‑‑helping them learn what they need to learn‑‑with such balance, humaneness, and professionalism.


I think things are off to such a good start (but let's not let up on identifying the slackers on both ends :)  ).


One nice outcome for me, personally, is the way I get to learn new things about my own students from seeing views of them through the minds of your students.  I've got a kid in my class who's into white‑water rafting and sky‑diving??  Yikes.  But, Dawn, there's much to be appreciated here, much learning yet to be had....  Let's have at it!


Let me take your guidance on the listserv thing....  We have a couple options:  1. add all my students to (they're not on it now, but I did forward your message to them to their class listserv,; or 2. add you to


Some context:  Up till now, I've had trouble getting students to talk to one another on, so the list has functioned mainly as an announcement distribution thing for me.  This weekend‑‑may I tell you?‑‑and even before they got your letter, a few students started discussing teaching of writing issues;  it was most exciting, and now I think this conversation might take off.  Asking them to participate in another list as in option 1 above might confuse them.  On the other hand, asking you to join TW might dump some unwanted extra mail in your box.  Of course, I would tell them if you joined TW, so they would know the audience of things, and I don't think that would alter the dynamics of things negatively in the least; from strictly my perspective, I would urge you to consider joining TW.  Till I got your message on Friday, I was a little wary of over‑burdening you with extra participation.  But you're such a full partner in this, and I've got to imagine that you, being the savvy list person you are, have all the necessary strategies for managing the load.


In any case‑‑it's your call:  whatever you think is best.


Thanks again, Dawn; we’re past the start‑up, and the students are letting the thing develop.  May the process continue, with all necessary adjustments made just at the right time.... 


‑‑With Gratitude, Angelo