Your web pal participation:
  • This is an extra activity but it does not earn extra credit. If you get involved, you must make a commitment to participate fully. You cannot ignore your web pal. For as long as your correspondence lasts, you need to take it seriously.
  • Read about and follow the process
  • In order for me to know how to help the process be better for everyone, I am asking for some feedback from you at the end of the experience. I am asking then, for you to fill out a self evaluation and hand it in (or send as email attachment).

How being a web pal benefits you:

  • This project can be beneficial to you. Your web pal will be an objective voice for you in regard to your web design and your writing.
  • It is a chance for you to correspond with someone who is interested in your work and your ideas.
  • You will talk mostly about writing, but you could also discuss your future plans and how your school work and school goals fit into those plans.

Other notes:

  • The web pal relationship lasts only a little while and is not meant to engender lifelong friendships, so don't tell overly personal information.
  • Synonyms: telementor, cybermentor, web pal--they're all the same thing.