2006 Web Pals

Sheboygan Falls students are listed on the right and their name is a link to their website.
Each SF student should have an email link on their index page. If they don't, let me know.

SF students: Your web pals are college students, and most of them are studying to be teachers. Where are your web pals from? Click on the links below to take you to their college's web site.

CE9 Student Web Pages

Thanks, Texas Tech future teachers for being our web pals!

Texas Tech University, Lubbock, Texas (ttu) Semester 2
TTU student and email address SFHS student and web page link
Atwood, Kyle kyle.j.atwood@ttu.edu Jacob S. ; Tim B.
Baker, Beau beau.d.baker@ttu.edu Jacob T.
Clift, Cristi cristi.clift@ttu.edu

Cristi, you have only one student now; my mistake--sorry. D. Hogue

Ashley B.
Diers, Heidi heidi.c.diers@ttu.edu Rachel M.
Dolloff, Heather hdoll29@yahoo.com Nicole H.
Evans, Kara curlykara24@hotmail.com Sofy B.
Farley, Shannon techcowgirl21@yahoo.com Emily H.
Gonzales, Terra terralgonzales@yahoo.com Tyrone F.
Hall, Telly mikeandtelly@sbcglobal.net Lauren F.
Hargrove, Adrian adrian_m_hargrove@yahoo.com Justin W.
Harris, Angela adharris417@yahoo.com Zach S.
Hill, Mike michael.t.hill@gmail.com Nick T.
Ingersoll, Michelle micheleingersoll@aol.com Katy B.
Jennejahn, Aaron aaronjennejahn@hotmail.com Spencer L.
King, Charissa shauna.c.king@ttu.edu Jackie P.
Lee, Bradley Spencer bradley.s.lee@ttu.edu Aaron M.
Maxfield, Jeremy oo7thegame@aol.com Ben W.
Selph, Jessica jessicaselph@yahoo.com Jackie R
Wenzel, Amy amy.e.wenzel@ttu.edu Carly H.
Colorado State University, Fort Collins, CO (CSU)
St. Xavier University, Chicago, Ill (sxu)


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