Article Analysis Packet

If you choose this option for your quarter 1 individual project, follow these directions:

Article Analysis Packet
Individual Project Option

  1. Find four articles to read and analyze.
    1. Each article must be related to media (choose any of the topics we cover in class).
    2. Each article must be from a reliable or credible source, but can come from print sources or web sources.
  2. Include each article in your project binder. Put your article after the analysis for that article. (So, analysis first, article second).
  3. Follow the format that follows for each analysis.
  4. Make a cover page for the binder that includes a title, your name, class, and date.

Analysis Format:

  • Each analysis must be 500 words.
  • Analyses must be typed (FSSH style).
  • Each one needs a title (not the title of the article).
  • Begin with a 50 word summary of the article. What are the main points?
  • Answer as many of these questions as you can in your analysis:
    • How are the principles of media evident in this article?
    • How are the six myths explored in this article?
    • What aspect of the Empowerment Cycle is evident in this article?
  • Who should read this article and why?
  • What is the main thing you learned and why is it important to you?

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