Reading Journal


Keep a reading journal for five of the stories/essays/poems we read in this unit. For each piece you choose,  write about 250-300 words (except for poem). Choose from ideas below:

  • Your personal reaction to the ideas presented overall, supported by facts whenever possible.

  • Cite a passage and write why it is important. The passage is not part of your journal entry.

  • React to a character that you can identify with. Say who he/she is, a bit about him/her and, of course, why you identify with him/her.

  • Write an "answer" poem. Write a poem that is the same in structure but is different in theme/subject. Make it your own. It would look and sound much like the original, but the words are yours. Give it a title, but then also say that it is after "title" (the one you read). You can keep some of the same words as the original if you need to for structure.

    • You may do this choice only once.

Format Specifications:

  • The journal may be handwritten, but it must be in ink if  handwritten and must be readable. Otherwise, type it. Typing is preferable, especially if you have trouble with spelling, etc. and need to use Spell Check and Grammar check.

  • Each entry needs its own page.

  • Each entry needs a heading or title.

  • The journal needs a cover page (see FSSH) for a sample.




Above Expectations—I’m in awe of you. You attended to every detail with precision. Your responses are insightful. 


Good, at expectations—some minor problems distract; your work is less precise than it could be. Your responses are  insightful.


Good attempt, not quite meeting expectations—several deviations exist. Attention to detail is limited. Your responses summarize the works or digress from focus.


Not really—you

misunderstood the expectations, or too many mistakes or omissions exist. Your responses are incomplete.


You didn’t do this at all, or your attempt is so poor, so limited that no points are given.

Content: Your reaction to 5 works follows guidelines above. ( x3)          
Format (x1)  


Conventions (x1)  



  ___________/ 50




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