Media Log

If you choose this option for your quarter 1 individual project, follow these directions:

Your Media Log serves several purposes:

  • It will help you evaluate the ways that you are growing in media literacy

  • It will give you a place to name media events that intrigue or involve you in some way

  • It will allow you an opportunity to record personal responses to media events or productions

Keeping your Media Log:

  • Keep a separate notebook for your Media Log

  • Write in it at least once a week, but preferably more (use color and doodles to enhance your Media Log)

  • Log entries should equal about 2,000 words in all.

  • Alternative: Type your logs in Word and print them and put them into a binder.

  • Put a heading at the top of each entry.

  • Date each entry.

  • Keep it in good shape; it will be handed in at the end of the quarter

What goes in your Media Log?
The following are suggestions that will help you create a well rounded log that will help you grow in media literacy. Try to include as many of these suggestions as possible. Be as specific as you can in your entries. Support what you say with reasons or examples or both.

  • As you watch TV, read articles or listen to songs, write down your impressions of methods or concepts that you find interesting. For example, why do you think a character is interesting, or what do you think about a technique used in a movie, music video or a commercial?

  • Make lists or note lyrics of favorite songs, rock videos, TV shows or other media and explain why you like them.

  • Make note of media experiences that you really dislike and say why.

  • Write about media experiences that affect you emotionally or physically. For example, include experiences that invoke anger, tears, laughter or nausea.

  • Collect articles and clippings that you find interesting, particularly as they are examples of concepts that you have learned about or discussed in class.

  • Cut out ads or pieces of ads (headlines, photos, logos) and comment on or analyze the message given or the techniques used. You can also make reference to ads you have seen on TV and make the same kinds of responses to them.

  • Write down ways you think you are changing your use of media (that is how you interpret what you see and hear) as a result of your study of media.

  • Write about cultural or political issues that are present in the media and comment on biases, techniques used or other aspects of the media event.


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