Media & Lit Syllabus

General Course Information:

Grade level (s) offered: 11
credit (one semester course)

Prerequisites: Students must have taken English 9 and English 10.

Brief Course Description:

This course integrates the analytical study of multicultural literature and asks students to become media literate by understanding the history of media, the types of media, the influence and power of media as well as their relationship to all three.  In addition, the course asks students to consider their role in their society by considering varying points of view, analyzing biases and stereotypes, and projecting implications of contemporary issues for the future.

The objectives of this course are designed to further aid students in their abilities to read and write critically, research, analyze and present conclusions in a multimedia format.  Discussion and oral language skills are also integral aspects of this class.

Course Outcomes:

  • Students will become aware of principles, myths, and techniques in media.

  • Students will become familiar with media literacy terms and concepts

  • Students will be able to analyze techniques used in advertising

  • Students will

Methods of Instruction:

Discussion is the primary way in which students come to understand a particular work of fiction or poetry. Discussion is both large group and small group. Discussions are sometimes student led. Cooperative learning groups are also used extensively in this class. There are projects and assignments done individually as well. Students can expect to read and complete other work outside of class.


  • Braided Lives

  • Black Like Me

  • Various print resources

  • Various Web resources

  • Various video resources



  • Standard English Department Grading Scale

  • Grades are calculated using total points.

  • Semester exam is worth 20% of the semester grade

Course Outline:

Quarter 1: Media in the Image Culture ( 7 weeks)

Overview of Media & Lit (1 week)

  • Look at course Web and preview major units

  • Look at syllabus

  • Preview Semester Exam Project/Presentation

  • Beginning awareness: Web quest

  • Media Survey: how do you consume and/or add to media?

Unit One: Media Literacy and Awareness (1 week)

Unit Two: Media & Children (1 week)

Unit Three: Media & Gender (1 week)

Unit Four: Media & Diversity (1 week)

Unit Five: Media, the News, and the Truth (1 week)

Unit Six: The Truman Show (1 week)

Individual Project:
Students will choose from the list that follows. It is to be handed in at the end of the quarter. All work is done outside of class. The project is worth 100 points.

Quarter 2: Multicultural Literature ( 7 weeks)

American Diversity: A multicultural society in one environment

What is culture?

Star Power Game

  • understanding discrimination and power

Living in a diverse culture:

  • understanding our perceptions

  • range of values, ideologies, practices

  • need to understand basic similarities, basic differences

  • need for tolerance of differences

Four ethnic groups: appreciating the voices of everyone

  • African American

  • Asian American

  • Latino American

  • Native American

Dances With Wolves

  • an exercise in perception

Independent Project/Semester Exam (3 weeks)

  • End of Semester self-evaluation: How am I more able to make informed decisions, recognize biases and built in values, and understand the way media works and the way it is a part of my life?

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