Research and Report on a Famous Journalist

Choose one of the journalists from the list below and create a PowerPoint presentation on his/her life. Be sure to include all elements from the requirements list below.


Christiane Amanpour Nellie Bly (Elizabeth Cochrane Seaman) Margaret Bourke-White
Carl Bernstein Matthew Brady David Brinkley
Walter Cronkite Benjamin Franklin Margaret Fuller
William Randolph Hearst Elijah Lovejoy Charles Kuralt
Edward R. Murrow Ethel Payne Ernie Pyle
Dan Rather Jacob Riis Ida Tarbell
Walter Winchell Bob Woodward John Peter Zenger



  1. Your PowerPoint presentation should include the following in a well organized, well written report (in your own words):
  1. As you present your report, be sure that you are not merely reading what is on the slide, but that you are speaking to your audience (that's us) and developing the ideas fully. If partners complete this assignment, both must share equally in the oral presentation.
  2. Do not make your slides difficult to read or see. Use color schemes that are easy on the eye. Do not add too many bells and whistles, but do make your presentation visually appealing. Make the tone of the slide match the tone of your person. (Serious=serious).
  3. Save your PowerPoint on your H:/ drive to run it from there. It's a good idea to make a back up copy on a disk.

Grading Rubric for this assignment (worth 100 points)

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