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How to start and maintain your web site for CyberEnglish9

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Your web site is 

  • About you: It reflects your interests, talents, activities, experiences.

  • About your future: Where do you want to go? What do you want from the rest of high school?

  • About you as a student: It shows your scholarship and your continuing improvement as a thinker and a writer.

  • About you as a member of a larger community: It is a result of your interaction with your teachers, with your peers, both from your school and from other schools, with your Web Pals, and with others who are interested in what you have to say.

Your web site shows all of the above in three general ways:

  • The design

  • The links you generate

  • The work you publish

Your web site must include (at the minimum):

  • You must have an index page that serves as the introduction to the site. This index page must have the following links: one to your webfolio, one to your cyberjournal, one to the CyberEnglish9 main page, one to the CyberEnglish9 students' pages page, and one email link to your school address. See more about your index page below.

  • You must have a  webfolio page. This page is a table of contents page for all the work you will publish.

  • You need Individual pages in your webfolio for your published work.

  • You must have a page for your CyberJournal.

Each page must link back to the index page. 

More about my index page:

Your index page is the front door to your web site. It must always be named index.htm (NEVER change it and NEVER move it into a folder). Design it to reflect your personality but also make it readable and easy to use for your visitors. Be sure any images do not detract from your design but instead enhance it. Look at what students have done in the past on their index pages to get ideas for yours. Your last name must never be on your index page or on any page in your web site.

  • title: "1st name" web page (Julie's web page)
  • colored or graphic background
  • photo or other graphic
  • link to students' pages page
  • link to your teacher's main CyberEnglish9 page
  • an email link to you
  • link to your webfolio
  • link to your CyberJournal


What is my webfolio?

Each student will construct a webfolio page that serves as a directory for his/her academic work.

  • See the model for how to set this page up.

  • Setting up your webfolio will give you practice in making tables, adding horizontal lines, inserting pictures, making bookmarks, using a bulleted list and more.

About my CyberJournal:

Your CyberJournal is an important part of your CyberEnglish9 experience. Click here for more on setting up your CyberJournal.

  • title: My CyberJournal
  • light colored background--no graphic background on this page
  • a multi-celled table for your entries
  • a bookmark to your end of year reflection
  • a bookmark to the top of the page
  • link to your index page


What I can't have in my web site:

Even though this web site is yours, it is still a school assignment and there are restrictions on what can go on your site. Please be sure you understand these restrictions to avoid problems in the future. Students should be aware that some restrictions are the result of poor judgment by their peers who pushed the limits of propriety.

Do not put any of the following on your web site:

  • Your last name

  • Your address

  • Your phone number

  • MP3s

  • Video

  • Downloaded or outside-source programs: Java applets, JavaScripts, Visual Basic scripts, or other downloaded programs

  • Mouse trails

  • Corporate images, logos, products, etc.

  • Links to commercial web sites (selling products, CDs, etc.)

  • Copyrighted images, including photos of celebrities (it is your responsibility to check copyright)

  • Images linked to original source (copy and paste into images folder; do not link to www source). If you can click on your image and it takes you somewhere, you have done it wrong.

  • Any image that would be against school policy if it were seen on a t-shirt or other clothing. Check your student guide to be sure if you don't know.

  • Images or language that are racist, sexist or in other ways hateful to others.

  • No more than 15 images per site; be selective. All images must be in your images folder.

  • No additional pages. The only non academic page allowed is your "about me" page. There may also be no links to "secret" pages.

Note to students: While some of these restrictions may seem excessive to you, you need to know that some of them were the result of students' actions. Your peers, because they could not make good decisions, caused the tighter restrictions. Other restrictions are there for your safety.


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