Romeo & Juliet Web Project

  1. Create a new folder; call it RJ.
  2. Add four pages: main.htm, wq.htm, letter.htm, and pers.htm.
  3. Add a link in your webfolio to the RJ/main.htm page
  4. On the main page, put a heading like "Amy's Romeo and Juliet Web Project."
  5. On the main page, put a link back to your webfolio.
  6. On the main page, put links to the other three pages in this folder.
  7. On the wq.htm, letter.htm, and pers.htm pages, put a link back to the main.htm page.
  8. Each page needs a heading.
  9. Create a color scheme that is easy to read.



  1. Web Quest: Follow the directions on that page (updated 4/28/08).
  2. Letter: Follow the directions on that page.
  3. Do a third activity of your choice. Follow the directions (given below) for whichever activity you choose.
  • Personal Reaction: Write an expository paragraph in which you react to (give your opinion) some aspect of the drama. For example, you could write about the characters, the setting, the themes, the ideas, the language, or anything else that comes to mind. Make sure your paragraph is unified, that it sticks to one main idea and that you support that idea fully with reasons, examples, explanations, or other details. Review the expository paragraph guidelines you learned earlier this year.
  • Your Favorite Lines: Using my example as a model, create your own list of favorite lines. Set your table up like mine. You need to have a minimum of five quotations for this activity.
  • My Perfect Mate: Complete the Perfect Mate activity (you do one and your parents do the other). Then write about the results of that activity and the similarities and differences in your thinking. Begin this activity with a background paragraph that explains what Perfect Mate is all about. Get this activity from your teacher.
  • Translate a Passage: Choose any soliloquy of more than ten lines and translate the Elizabethan English into something more contemporary. Put the original passage in the left side of a two column table and your translation in the right. Since the play is online, you may be able to find your passage to copy and paste; otherwise, you must type it very carefully, word for word. Your translation must be in corresponding lines as much as possible. In other words, your translation still looks like poetry, even if it doesn't rhyme. Your updated version should be no longer than the original. Want a look at an interesting translation of the entire play? Check out this IM version.
  • Movie Time: Watch the newer version of Romeo and Juliet with Leonardo DiCaprio and Claire Danes and write an essay in which you compare it with the Franco Zeffirelli version that we watch. Write about what is different, what is the same, and what you liked and didn't like about each movie. You will have to watch the other movie on your own time.

Due Date: See your teacher's calendar.

Grading Rubric