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General Course Information

Grade level (s) offered: 12

1.0 Credits (1/2 per semester)

Prerequisites: Accelerated 11 is highly recommended; it is expected that students enrolled in AP English Literature and Composition will take both the AP English exams in May. Check with your college to see what credits they offer for each or both tests.

Brief Course Description:

We will be analyzing literature from the point of view of the writer as well as of the reader to determine how the literature affects its readers and in what ways. We will "measure" literature against the history of philosophy to understand how literature fits into its own time as well as in all time. We will ask, "What is art?" and try to determine the qualities of great literature. In addition, our literary analysis will look at style and structure and a writer's diction, imagery, use of detail, language and syntax and to what effect. Vocabulary study is important. Writing well about literature is a key component of the class. Students will keep a writing log over the course of the year to document their improvement and to engage themselves in thinking about their writing.

Course Outcomes:

Methods of Instruction:

Discussion is the primary way in which students come to understand a particular work of fiction or poetry. Discussion is both large group and small group. Discussions are sometimes student led. Cooperative learning groups are also used extensively in this class. There are projects/assignments to be done individually as well.

Resources/Texts: (Texts listed below are generally included in course, but will vary from year to year).


Essay Summary:

  1. AP Lit: A White Heron
  2. Setting: Canterbury Tales
  3. Tone: The Inferno
  4. AP Language
  5. Short Fiction: Campare & Contrast
  6. Diction & Imagery:1984
  7. Satire
  8. AP Lit: The Crossing
  9. AP Lit/Poetry: Death of a Toad
  10. AP Language:
  11. Responding to a critical analysis (first of two): partner
  12. Responding to a critical analysis (second of two): individual


Course Outline:

Semester One: (18 weeks)

WeekLY: Vocabulary Quizzes

Introductory Unit (2 weeks)

Native Son (Independent novel)

Oedipus Rex (1 week)

Canterbury Tales (3 weeks)

The Inferno (2 weeks)

THE Metamorphosis (Independent novel)

Reviewing Rhetoric (2 weeks)

A Doll House (2 weeks)

Short Fiction Unit (4 weeks)

The Importance of Being Earnest (2 weeks)

Semester exam

Semester Two:

WeekLY: Vocabulary Quizzes

SATIRE UNIT (1 week)

 Brave New World (Independent novel)

 1984 (3 weeks)

Shakespeare (2 weeks) Text will vary from year to year

Poetry (3 weeks) (various selections from Sound and Sense, Perrine)

Test Prep (4 weeks)

!! AP ExamS (First part of May)

Final Project (3 weeks) (after test through end of year)

Students suggest a project that meets at least two of the following

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