Animal Farm
by George Orwell

Unit Plans


"Four Legs Good. Two Legs Bad"

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Unit Objectives:

By the end of this unit, students will

Assignment Directions:

  1. Read the novel
  2. Fill in the character chart (paper handout)
  3. Fill in the propaganda techniques chart (paper handout)
  4. Partner project: Persuasive Language and Propaganda Techniques (paper handout)
  5. Create a Reading Journal in your web page. This assignment is due on April 5.
  6. Take the unit test. This test will be a short, objective comprehension test. The test is scheduled for April 5.

Propaganda Sites:

  1. Propaganda Analysis Homepage
  2. Propaganda Student Handout
  3. What is propaganda?
  4. Powers of Persuasion: Poster Art from WWII
  5. Propaganda and Spinning the News by Peter Vilbig (article)

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