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2001 Foxfire Project.

This is a joint project between the Community of St. Paul and seniors at St. Paul High School. As a part of their senior project, students interviewed longtime residents of St. Paul.  This is the web project they put together with their interviews.

“Oral History and Memory in the Classroom.” Indiana University Center for the Study of History and Memory. 2003.

This site contains many links to other oral history projects, Including a section on interviewing techniques, before, during And after.  Some of the most useful links include those to the Bland County History Archives, The Countdown to Millennium project, and the Tell Me Your Stories site.

Bland County History Archives. Rocky Gap High School. Rocky Gap, Virginia. 2000.

This is an excellent site that shows what students could do with oral histories and how they could be set up on a web.

"Tell Me Your Stories. An Oral History Curriculum for High Schools and Middle Schools." Living Legacies Historical Foundation. 2003.

This site contains a complete curriculum, sample sites, and Frequently Asked Questions. They also sell videos if teachers want to really use their curriculum.

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