With your research group for this unit, you'll be collecting data, interpreting data and synthesizing your information for an audience.

  1. Get a copy of the data sheet from your teacher.
  2. Determine what network you will watch with your group. Each person should watch either a different network or a different show.
  3. Watch your hour of TV before the day you work with your group on interpreting your results. Carefully collect your data. Be as accurate as you can. Complete the entire sheet.
  4. Bring your data sheet to class and meet with your group to complete the next steps.
  5. Share your results with each other.
  6. Think about what your data means.
  7. Decide what information would be best to display in a graph. Use Excel to record your data and create your graph. Sample graph
  8. Copy and paste your graph into a Word document and save it.
  9. Finally, write two paragraphs, one explaining your graph and the second one explaining the other conclusions your group came to in from your data collection. This will be handed in.
  10. Be ready to share your information with the class.
  11. Hand in your data sheets separately.
  12. The Word document will be handed in. Email subject line: data

Changes for 2008: Publish the graph and the two paragraphs on your Wiki page.




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